Ok, MovableType 3 has been installed, and Palimpsest is back up and running on the CHLT server. Those of you who had accounts under the old installation should be able to log in as usual; if you have trouble, please let me know. Those of you who would like to contribute to Palimpsest, send your preferred username and password to my wordherders address. Please help spread the word of this site’s existence where you can.

And if you’d like to volunteer to help out with the design, let me know about that, too.

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creativity and generosity

The Wired CD: “Rip, mix, burn. Swap till you drop. The music cops can’t do a thing – it’s 100 percent legal, licensed by the bands.” Brought to you by Wired magazine, Creative Commons, and several forward-thinking musicians. After November 9, you can download the tracks from the CC website. Until then, use the links below:

Yes, the election is tomorrow. Go download some free and legal music from Protest-Records. I recommend these tracks, in particular:

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new blog on remixing culture

Media Trips: “A guide to artists and producers who sample (remix) popculture.” (via Lawrence Lessig)

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