this just in…

…George Williams is not Keith Richards, according to sources close to the professor / amateur-musician / former-hack-music journalist. These sources assert that several key pieces of evidence support this claim.

Williams Richards
American British
Born in the ’60s Born in the ’40s
Hones his guitar playing skills by listening to Rolling Stones CDs while working out on an elliptical trainer. Honed his guitar playing skills by playing Rolling Stones songs after shooting heroin and drinking massive quantities of whiskey.
Says “ow” a lot when trying to learn the surprisingly difficult guitar parts to “Beast of Burden” Not known to say “ow.”
Thousandaire Multi-millionaire
Has taught graduate seminar on print culture and literature in eighteenth-century Britain. Data unavailable.
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3 thoughts on “this just in…

  1. Well, duh. Of course you’re not Keith Richards. You’re Pete Townshend. totally different.
    (although I’m not sure if Pete Townshend is known to say “ow” either).

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