sunday task list

*Make fun of me for this and I will so kick your ass: that show rocks.

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this be the verse

I often feel like I have no idea what it means to be a good son. I think you know what I mean. You have parents.

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dreaming my dreams of you

Me, having just woken up: I dreamed I was asked to join the Grateful Dead.*
L: You have much more exciting dreams than I do. I dreamed you did all the grocery shopping.

* First, I don’t really like the Grateful Dead very much. Second, this is a kind of dream I have fairly often, although less so in recent years. Third, I wasn’t anxious about joining the band; I was actually a very good guitarist.

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going out with students…

…from not one, but two Thursday night classes means I come home smelling way more like cigarette smoke than I ever want to again.

Oh, and I know more about nipple piercing among the young folk than I really needed to know. (No, not in the way you’re thinking.)

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can’t start a fire…

…worrying about your little world falling apart.

There’s only so long you can feel stuck, right? On the horizon: international travel, a cross-country move, an uncertain professional future. This morning I feel like I can handle whatever opportunities present themselves, but God knows what I’ll feel like tomorrow.

Apropos of nothing:

  • “In 2004, Missouri ranked 43rd in the nation (behind surrounding states) in appropriations for higher education per $1000 of personal income.”
  • According to a report (PDF, 477K) by the National Association of State Budget Officers, Missouri’s total expenditures for higher education in 2003 were $985,000,000.
  • By comparison, the state we’re moving to spends over four times as much money on higher education with a population that’s just 1.4 times as big and a per capita income slightly lower than Missouri’s.

Consider all of this data, collectively, as Hint #4. No one has even attempted a guess, yet. To review: L got a tenure-track job in a different state; I have a research leave in the fall and will be moving with L; starting in the spring, I will come back to teach my classes. At some point in the hopefully near future, L’s institution might hire me, or my institution might hire L. Your task: guess where we’re moving.

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